Fact Sheets

Posted 21-09-2020
The Domestic Violence Housing First Approach factsheet

The Domestic Violence Housing First approach focuses on getting survivors of domestic violence into stable housing as quickly as possible and then providing the necessary support and safety as they rebuild their lives.

This approach has been shown to promote long-term stability, safety and well-being for survivors and their children.

Posted 16-06-2020
Brisbane Domestic Violence Service factsheet

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS) is a 24/7, free and confidential service for people in the Brisbane Metropolitan area who are affected by domestic and family violence. The service supports women, children, family members, same sex couples and others affected by domestic violence.

Posted 16-06-2020
Safer Families Initiative factsheet

The Safer Families Initiative (SFI) is a service for families where a young male is using power and control or violence against the female protective care-giver in the home.

Posted 15-06-2020
Domestic Violence Media factsheet

Domestic Violence is not just physical. Physical and sexual violence featured more prominently in the media, leaving other forms such as emotional abuse and economic control almost invisible.

Posted 29-04-2020
Safety Planning factsheet

A safety plan is a list of actions that you can take to help secure your safety.

Posted 29-04-2020
Our Watch 'Change the Story' factsheet

Media play an important role in increasing community knowledge about domestic and family violence. This factsheet from Our Watch contains helpful, accurate information and statistics for media reporting on domestic and family violence.

Visit Our Watch for more information on the 'Change the Story' campaign.

Posted 29-04-2020
Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (QCDFVR) Factsheets

QCDFVR is dedicated to working with organisations and individuals who help women and their children lead safer lives.

The primary purpose of the Centre is to create and share knowledge to influence policy and practice in gendered violence. They receive funding from the Queensland Government and investment by CQUniversity.

Posted 29-04-2020
Women’s Legal Service QLD Information Sheet

There are a number of legal protections available to people who have experienced violence and abuse.

This detailed Information Sheet from Women’s Legal Service QLD covers areas such as safety planning, legal protection, court processes and more.

Posted 28-04-2020
Brisbane Domestic Violence Service Referral

Referral form for Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS).

This e-form contains fillable PDF fields that can be completed electronically (or by hand), saved and then emailed to BDVS.

Referring agencies assessing high, escalating, or immediate risk should NOT use this form. Instead please call BDVS to discuss.

Posted 28-04-2020
BDVS Safer Families Initiative Referral

The Safer Families Initiative (SFI) is one of the programs at Brisbane Domestic Violence Service. SFI provides consent-based intake, assessment and psycho-educative support to families where a young male (aged 12-17 years old) is using violence in the home (including power and control) against the female protective care giver.

SFI assesses readiness and facilitates referrals into the ReNew program run by Carinity Talera. This program is only able to provide services to families residing within Brisbane City Council.