Posted 11-08-2020
Can a black dot make a mark on DV?

The Black Dot Campaign to help people experiencing domestic violence went global in a matter of weeks. But what are the unintended consequences?

Posted 17-06-2020
Virtual Summit responds to domestic and family violence during COVID-19

Key organisations across Queensland are finalising preparations to take part in a landmark virtual summit tomorrow (Wednesday 6 May), responding to the impact of COVID-19 on domestic and family violence services across Queensland.

Posted 17-06-2020
What to do to protect yourself from a cyberstalking ex

When Lisa* left her abusive partner, he hid a tracking device on her car.

In the five months they'd been together, he'd installed spyware on her phone and used fake social media accounts to monitor her page. He always knew where she was.

Posted 17-06-2020
Queensland pre-social media stalking laws 'must be rewritten'

Queensland's stalking laws must be rewritten because they were shaped before social media and "intelligent" mobile phones, three domestic violence agencies agree.

Domestic violence agencies constantly report aggrieved partners using mobile phones, text messages, Facebook and other social media accounts to track, taunt and abuse their partners.

Posted 17-06-2020
Grieving community honours Hannah Clarke and her children at rallies against domestic violence

Grieving communities have rallied across Queensland to remember the victims of domestic and family violence after the murder-suicide of Hannah Clarke and her three children on Wednesday.

Micah Projects CEO Karyn Walsh — a not-for-profit support organisation — said the rallies provided an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue and to demand change.

"We want to make a difference. We want to see women and children living free of violence," Ms Walsh said.

Posted 17-06-2020
Controlled anger at rally for murdered Hannah and her children

On one Friday every month, Queensland's Red Rose Foundation has held a vigil to remember those who have been murdered and abused during toxic relationships.

This Friday's regular vigil at Speakers Place, outside Queensland's Parliament, was especially poignant — and well-attended — given the horrific deaths of Hannah Clarke and her three children at Camp Hill this week.

Posted 21-11-2019
Thousands at risk of domestic violence waiting for public housing in Queensland

There are currently almost 2,200 people on Queensland's public housing waiting list who are known to be at risk of domestic violence.

They make up about 10 per cent of the 22,200 applicants on the register in total, according to new figures obtained by ABC News after a Right to Information request.

Posted 14-10-2019
Domestic violence victims struggling to flee tracking by abusive ex-partners

The use of technology to perpetrate abuse is becoming increasingly common. Devices are being used to track, stalk and monitor victims of domestic and family violence.

Posted 10-07-2019
Palaszczuk government to refer consent laws to Queensland Law Reform Commission

The Palaszczuk Government will refer the matter of consent in rape and sexual assault cases to the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

“… under Queensland’s Criminal Code, consent must be given freely and voluntarily by someone with the capacity to give it, and anyone found guilty of rape could be jailed for life,” Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath.